Our vision is a visual one which uses a tree motif. Our Christian values are the roots of all that we do – these values form the foundations of our school from which everything grows. The trunk is our vision of ‘Growing to be the best that we can be for God, ourselves and each other.’ This is the stem which holds our federation together. This vision supports our decision making on all levels and is practised not only by our pupils but by our whole school community. We encourage everybody in our community to grow and learn and consider how their actions not only support their own growth but the growth of one another as well. The leaves demonstrate how we live our vision and what we aim to achieve in the everyday life of our schools.

Please download a pdf of our vision here.


Our Christian values support our pupils moral and social development. We use these values to help children build stronger relationships with one another and the wider community. Each half term explores a different value. This is a focus of our collective worship and some aspects of our PSHE lessons. These values help us to build our relationships with one another and the wider community. We have carefully chosen our six values of: generosity; trust; courage; forgiveness; friendship; respect. These values will help our children become well rounded and worldly individuals who will make a vital contribution to the society of today and the future.